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Ocean Group Asia offers thorough, comprehensive construction services with expertise in budgeting. Project scheduling. turnkey, bidding, construction, widely specialized in civil drawing designing and infrastructure. Development of full range of civil engineering services to accomplish your goals in timely and in very cost effective manner.

Our field experience of constructions allows us to value engineering and building. Our staff has wide experience in architectural review and construction practices that eliminates non essential costs while providing the end users with a top quality facility. We worked on projects that ranged from residential and commercial sites tore designed over 0.5 acres to 25000.0 acres industrial and over 1.0 to redo acres residential and commercial projects. We have specialization in town planning, development and survey as well.

We benchmarked our best practices and intentional up grading to pay attention to lesson learned and constantly challenge ourselves to do better in all fields and in materials and construction methods to management techniques and information systems.

Ocean City Gawader(Booking Plan)